STMicroelectronics – Automotive Discrete Group
Type(s) : Industriels
Thématique(s) : Fiabilité des composants électroniques et leur packaging
Expertise(s) : Analyse de défaillances | Connaissances et moyens d’investigations sur les matériaux « électriques » et les composants

STMicroelectronics – Automotive Discrete Group
Department: R&D Power & Discrete Group – Power Transistor Division

Our experience is linked with designer and reliability aspect:

  • Power Bipolar Transistor;
  • Power Mosfet ;
  • Rad-hard design of Power device for space application ( developping rad-hard tecnologies and products)
  • Radiation expert ( Co60, xray, heavy ion, alpha particles) on power devices in any semiconductor material
  • Cosmic ray expert for automotive and avionics application
  • Gate oxide defect with impact on reliability stress
  • Failure mechanism in Reliability stress in particular HTRB and humidity stress